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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 3, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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get those letters, we are going to debate them. pick out a point or two that you agree or disagree with. a loot -- a lot of fun. i am bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin stops right here in 2011. because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> it is a new year in washington. boehner prepares to take the tkpwafrl from the speaker. -- the gavel from the speaker. gop looks to repeal obama care as a death panel provision is uncovered. guess who the administration is trying to blame?
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none other than george w. bush. while i was away, chaos erupted on the set of hannity when tucker carlson said this. >> tucker: michael vick killed dogs, i think he should have been executed, he wasn't. >> sean: he's here to explain his comment about quarterback michael vick. >> terrorists target christians in egypt. all caught on tape. plus, highlights from the sunday morning meltdown between congressman weiner and congresswoman michelle bachmann. we are on the road to 2012, hannity starts right now. happy new year. welcome to the firsthandy of 2011. i know year will buy many good things. the show is ringing in the new year with a new look and graphics we hope you enjoy them. more importantly, 2011 will bring a transfer of power from democrats to republicans. with their newfound power
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goppers are vowing to go after the most monstrous legislation inached last year the democrats' health care bill -- >> can you really block the law? can you really stop what going to happen between now and 2012 or are you going to beholding hearings to point out problems? >> chris, watch what happens. part of our pledge we said we would buy up a vote to repeal health care early. that will happen before the president's state of the union address if you switched four votes from last march that bill would have gone down. >> sean: even if the gop can muster the 2/3 majority to repeal the law in the house will they be able to muster the votes in the senate where democrats still hold a slim majority? that is not the only issue. republicans who spent the last two years frustrated by democrats' out of control spending must decide whether to support an increase in the debt ceiling?
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the issue is already threatening to divide them. >> the republican party in this new congress is it a house divided? >> it is outrage the debt ceiling could be -- that would be very bad for the position of the united states. >> the reason the debt ceiling to me is irresponsible. >> i am not in favor of raising the debt ceiling. >> a test of tea party purity out of the new members coming in. >> sean: joining me with analysis former clinton adviser dick morris. dick, first question, debt ceiling, what should republicans beholding out for? >> well, the debt ceiling is one of three opportunities the republicans will have to get their agenda across. we all know the republicans will pass defunding of obamacare and blocking epa from carbon taxes. protecting talk radio and all
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that kind of stuff. we know obama will veto it if the senate passes it and we can't override it. the question is, how do you get obama to blink? three opportunities: one raising the debt limit, the other is when the states come in and ask for bailouts, the third is when the 2012 budget is formulated. what the republicans need to do is say, okay we'll raise the debt limit only if you defund obamacare. or we'll go ahead and give you your budget but only if there's 100 billion dollars of spending cuts in it. we will only do it if there's a provision blocking the card check legislation, the nlrb wants to implement by fiat. the debt limit is going to be one of the first opportunities to do that. the republicans have an obligation to push that agenda. >> sean: the question is, how much power do they really have?
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i think they have more power than they recognize. >> no, they get it sean. they can destroy obamacare and they will, in this next year. they are going to cut off funding to the irs for the extra manpower to enforce the employer mandate and individual mandate. secondly, they will pass a criminal law, saying that if you divert money from other parts of the irs budget to do this you can go to jail or you are committing a misdemeanor or a felony. like the bowlen amendment in nicaragua. they put an an amendment on the health and human services budget, three. within says you can't implement the medicare cuts if you do, the same penalties. the other says, you can't gather data preparer to toward rationing health care. -- the third says you cannot implement the reimbursement
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for death counseling, end of life counseling. the death panel stuff they are trying to sneak you can do those five things. the problem is, obama is gonna veto it. that's where you need to play hardball. okay the united states is going to shutdown. we are going to default on all of our bonds. our soldiers won't get paid there may not be social security checks going out until you back down on obamacare. if the republicans blink at that point, they are finished and they will be discredited. if the republicans stand firm like they did about the examine teenagers of the bush tax cuts, we know barack obama blinks. >> sean: what you are suggesting here and we've been down this road before, is that republicans threaten the government shutdown. any chance of that can backfire? >> yeah, i think it will happen. you gotta remember, a couple years ago i coached the other team on this. >> sean: for which i will
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never forgive you. >> the key then was that the republicans were pushing unpopular cuts. particularly, in medicare. the republicans have just gained the majority in the house largely because obama wants to cut medicare by 500 billion. you do not need to cut medicare to get this deficit down to 3%. you don't need to cut social security to do it. if the republicans avoid those two issues, don't charge moo the face of those. don't take those on. talk about all the other stuff, obamacare, cutting the deficit, block granting medicaid to the states to stop its growth. you do all of that stuff, and then you've got a series of defenseable positions the majority of the people are with you. the issue becomes raise taxes or cut spending? continue obamacare or not? are you going to eliminate the
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secret ballotting union elections or not? on those issues the public sides with the republican party. it is not the shutdown that caused the problem. it is not the cacophony or the confrontation the republicans were trying to do something unpopular in '95 and '96. as long as they don't make that mistake again. they are not going going to win the shutdown, the debt limit the controversy over bailing out states, they are going to beat obama in 2012. >> sean: i didn't like in the lame duck session. i thought they lost, especially on the start treaty. i agree with you. i think if the republicans don't get the message of the tea party and the country i think they are finished. i think they have six months to prove themselves many they are showing signs they get. >> reading the constitution is a good idea. anybody that proposes a law must show where it is applicable in the constitution. i think that is a good requested. cutting back on their own
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spending. it seems they are getting the message of the public. are those good signs in your mind? >> don't sell short they killed that pork barrel budget. >> sean: that's true. >> with all of those earmarks in it. that was pretty darn good. i didn't like they didn't force in spending cuts as part of the bush tax extension, i was opposed to the start treaty. i believe the republicans held firm in the lame duck session. we have to be very sure they hold firm now. sean, there was another thing we spoke about briefly. one of the rep hence ache people on this plan -- reprehensible people on this planet named oscar lopez founder and mastermind of the puerto rican terrorist group. when bill clinton offered him clemency in return for pledging not to engage in terrorism, he refused and opted to stay in jail for the next 10 years. the politically people are bringing him up for parole
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wednesday. go to and find the address, e-mail and phone number of the justice department and parole board and congress call them to keep this terrorist in jail where he belongs. >> sean: dick morris, good to see you, happy new year. >> new jersey governor christie lays down the smack down on snow storm countries ticks. >> president obama bypasses congress to make end of life regulation and some say he is following president bush's food steps. we separate fact from fiction and much more coming up on this edition of hannity. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america?
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>> sean: house republicans are already pledging to push a vote to repeal the universal nightmare next week january 12th. >> more the people learn about obamacare the less they like it. it is very costly. we will put forth a clean repealed bill of obamacare and you will continue to see us make that fight, because that's what the american people want us to do. >> sean: more fall-out from the return of the death panel debate. democrats dropped plans to include end of life counseling. so president obama decided to circumhaven't legislation with regulation through a new medicare rule that started saturday. the government will now pay doctors to advise patients on for end of life care,
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including the option to opt-out of medical treatment that could prolong their lives. defenders of the new rule tried to argue it is nothing more than a continuation of president bush's policies in reality, president bush vetoed that '08 bill included an end of life provision. that policy was passed by a congressional veto override. joining us kevin mad dan, steve mcmahon. steve, i don't often quote "the new york times" on this program this is where the story originated. "new york times" reports medicaid will pay for voluntary end of life counseling. is that something you're comfortable with? >> actually, i am. i was comfortable with it in 2008 when it was going on and when the bill passed. the bill passed with the house of representatives with only 59 members of congress voting it. which means a majority of republicans voted for the bill that allowed this to happen. was now is seen jurors can get
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a check-up every year and talk to their doctor about things, including medical directives, which i have a medical directive that orders my family to discontinue treatment if i cannot be resuscitated. seniors have that option. >> sean: here's the problem with steve, you ought to know better than this. when people are elderly and they are not in perhaps as capable as you are, as young 40 or five something guy. you are still a hockey player, so i still remember this is the important part. let's say you have an 85-year-old grandmother, grandfather they go in to the doctor and given option. they are not capable of making the decision of a young person. the government is going to pay doctors to do this. i would think as a compassionate liberal you would have a problem with that. >> if a doctor was encouraging that, i would agree. but what the law allows doctors to be reimbursed for
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is a conversation, if the patient chooses to have it, with the doctor about medical decoratives. sean, i would say the only thing we have to fear is fear-mongering itself. that's what has been going on from the beginning. 59 people voted against this provision in the congress. >> sean: i don't care about this that. >> okay. >> sean: when this issue came up during the health care debate, most americans said, no way. that this is lacking in compassion. that people might be put in a position, to say you are going to be a burden to your family. you don't want to be a burden to society. it was stripped from the health care bill. in a slight of hand, backdoor deal, obama administration, once again, against the will of the american peep, slips this in. isn't that the realer to here? >> democrats lost the debate over this -- i think the death panel debate, end of life counseling debate was a big distraction during the health care reform debate last summer
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in large part the american people rejected this bill because it cost too much money, trillion plus dollars at a time we didn't have it. it represented -- represented a government intrusion. that's the big problem. this debate is a product of the democrats' own devise they crafted a bill that had too much government involvement and direction in people's health care. when we have this advanced council debate now it is poisoned because of the way the democrats put together a partisan bill too intrusive on the way people went about choosing their own care. >> sean: here's how sinister this is in my mind. back to my favorite newspaper, "the new york times" the office of earl blumenauer the author of the original writer who lobbied medicare to cover the service. he sends out an e-mail out, cheering this victory, but asks, don't tell anyone for fear of perpetuating the death
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panel myth. they want to sneak this through. they can't win it in a legitimate debate, lay actively, they can't win at the ballot box, they fan a backdoor way to ram this down people's -- people's throats because they can't afford to pay for the health care they are promising. >> that was a come upon question, but i'll take the thrust of it. they didn't jam it down anybody's throats. the provision taken out of the health care reform bill ordered doctors to have a specific conversation with patients about end of life counseling. that was removed because the public objected. the provision included in this rule over the weekend is a provision that is the same as what the provision was, not under george bush's administration because he favored it, but during the time of his administration that was enabled by a congress that had 200 republicans in it and almost all voted in favor of that provision. i understand this great political conversation --
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>> sean: wait a minute you are not telling the whole story. every republican voted against the health care bill. >> this was passed in 2008. the provision has been in effect since 2008. only 59 in congress voted it. which means two out of three republicans voted for it. >> sean: i'm a registered conservative. don't tell me what republicans do. >> i'm telling you what the vote was. >> sean: i know what the vote -- it doesn't make it right. kevin this is the bottom line. they can't get this passed legislatively. this is what we are left with. grandmothers, grandfathers getting end of life counseling that perhaps may not be in their best interests. >> this is the exact reason that you have folks like darrell issa who are going to try and offer robust scrutiny. robust oversight of the administration's actions on this bill. what they didn't get into the
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bill, they are going to try now and use the rule-making process to introduce to -- introduce in order to get what they couldn't get into the bill. that's going to be something this congress led by speaker boehner and chair men like chairman issa are going to be vigilant in looking into it. >> sean: happy new year. >> last week tucker carlson ignited a firestorm when he said michael vick should have been executed. tucker is here to spoken. later a church in egypt is targeted by terrorists. christians unleash their furry in the streets. why some say the government is to blame for not protecting them. that and more and beckel on this monday night, straight ahead. nobody in my family ever had a heart attack.
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>> bill: january 14th, decision day when chairman michael steele will fan out if he will keep his post. he is being challenged by maria cino. reince priebus ann wagner former ambassador to luxembourg. and former chairman of the michigan republican party. saul anuzis. earlier today they explained why they should be the new head of the rnc during their first and only debate. >> it is time for tough love at the republican national committee. how can an organization that has lost its credibility, is 20 million dollars in debt, is steeped in mismanagement, distractions and drama lead us into the next election? >> the rnc needs to restore
9:25 pm
the trust and confidence of our major donors. >> we have to practice what we preach as republicans. we need to get our debt under control. >> republican national committee is at a moment of crisis and our country. now is the time we have to return to fundamentals. >> sean: chairman steele defended his record and accomplishments. >> my record stands for itself, we won. i was asked to win elections. i was asked to raise money, 192 million dollars over the last two years. we won. the fact that we're here right now celebrating that win, i think says a lot about the record. >> sean: joining me the man who moderated today's debate from the daily caller, tucker carlson. we'll get to all the trouble you caused while filling in here, tucker. this debate is interesting to me. there's been criticism of chairman steele. as chairman steele points out,
9:26 pm
republicans had a tremendous year. did raise a lot of money there. was other money raised by outside groups. what was your thought of how the debate went? >> tucker: i think chairman steele did a good job of accounting for himself. he's charming, smart and he makes a good point. there's a lot of concern among republicans, among republican committee men who will make this decision later this month, that the rnc, the closer you look is in difficult shape. more than 20 million dollars in debt, you don't want that the get out the vote operation was vastly scaled down from years before, not a good sign. the question is not, is michael steele good at things? of course he is. conservative, talented. is he good at running the republican national committee? i think a lot of people can concerns about that. >> sean: did you think anyone stood out more than chairman steele? >> i was struck by how conservative all four of the challengers to michael steele were. you didn't have one person stand up and say, i'm kind of
9:27 pm
liberal, no. all of them were pretty orthodox conservatives. i happen to like that. maybe others don't. it tells you where the republican party is now. the people who are spending time thinking about this understand they are going to get farther at the ballot box if they are aggressively spending. all of them made that point. >> sean: michael steele is a solid conservative himself. if anybody in the media any len of time, you know this and i'm going to talk about your comments that you made while filling in last week. if you are in the media any length of time you are going to misspeak at some point, criticized for saying that i have found some of that criticism against him, in my mind has been a little over-the-top. >> tucker: sure, of course, no question. however, ultimately, the job of running that committee is a management question. are you raising enough money? are you mold holding on to
9:28 pm
that money? are you a good steward of those donations? there are questions about whether he has been. they are deeply in debt. that's a problem. no debt getting around that >> sean: i take one big vacation, a year, just one. i don't take a lot of vacation like other people. some take a ton of it. one, two weeks off, my big question. what do i have to read on the blogs, you are destroying the show. you are creating controversy. wanting michael vick to get the death penalty. let's rol the tape. >> tucker: i'm a christian i've made mistakes, i believe in second chances. michael vick killed dogs in a heartless and cruel way. i think personally, he should have been executed for that. he wasn't. the idea that the president of the united states would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs, beyond the pale. >> sean: do you really want him -- did really think he should -- >> tucker: this is what happens when you get too emotional.
9:29 pm
the bottom line is i'm a dog lover. i've had dogs my whole life we have three now, i love them. i know a lot about what michael vick admitted doing i'm not going to get into it is too upsetting. anybody who looks into how he mistreated these dogs and personally tortured them to death, gets upset. i overspoke. i'm uncomfortable with the death penalty under any circumstances. of course i don't think he should be executed. i do think what he did was appalling. >> sean: i'm a dog lover's dog lover. i lost my dog of 16 jeers snowball and it broke my heart, literally. -- if you read mark levin's book, it details all the pain, suffering, love and joy you get from a dog. i'm a christian too as you said in your opening comments. he spent a couple years in jail. he lost a huge contract. he's been working, i think he's made 60 appearances with
9:30 pm
animal rights groups. he's working with tony dungy. shouldn't we believe in reem-- redemption in the sense that he's showing a level of continued commitment to righting his life? >> maybe, as a friend of mine pointed out a convicted child molester doesn't get to adopt -- i'm just saying -- [ talking over each other ] >> tucker: i'm not comparing him to a child molester. i'm saying because michael vick says i'm rehabilitated now and hires a bunch of pr guys, makes donations to a bunch of o doesn't mean the rest of us cannot be disgusted by what he did. >> sean: i'm disgusted too. i'm torn inasmuch as, only time will tell if he's really the word repentance from the latin is to change your heart. if he's sincere, at some point,
9:31 pm
i think we gotta take our foot off his neck and say you have proven that you are rehabilitated. >> tucker: no question. but there is a line of several million rehabilitateed people who i would like to see the president con grand jury late before he congratulations michael vick. >> sean: celebrity society. >> tucker: you just said it right there. >> sean: good to see you, thanks for getting in trouble and creating the buzz for the show while i was away. egypt on high alert after an attack by muslim terrorists targeting a christian church service. shocking video of the bombing and aftermath. could a holy war be on the horizon? all of that and bob beckel and our great, great american panel. more. moments can change anytime -- just like that. and when they do men with erectile dysfunction
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that was easy. >> sean: it looks like mother holy war could be brewing after a deadly suicide bombing of a christian church in egypt 20 dead and 80 injured police are trying to find those responsible. hours after the bombing anger erupted among the country's christian community over the government's failure to protect christians from years of discrimination and violence. thousands took to the streets and clashed with riot police demanding justice no one has claimed responsible this attack in the wake of repeated threats by al-qaeda to attack
9:35 pm
christians throughout the mideast. president obama condemned the bombing saying the perpetrators of this attack were clearly targeting christian worshippers and have no respect for human life and dignity. joining me cliff may. welcome back. >> good to see you. >> sean: as we look at what happened and you look at the reaction. is it valid inasmuch as, this has been such an ongoing problem? >> yeah. in your intro you said holy war is brewing, it is not brewing it is taking place. it has been taking place for years.rq,xç christians and other religious and ethnic minorities are being not just discriminated but persecuted in egypt and throughout the broader middle east. there were bombings not just in egypt although that was the worst with 21 killed. christians attacked in iraq, in the philippines and nigeria, pakistan and other places. i think that the religious and
9:36 pm
ethnic cleansing of the broader middle east is probably the biggest story that most journalists are ignoring. >> sean: these attacks have attracted little media attention. as you pointed out this has been an ongoing problem. would it be a different reaction from the media if in was a mosque? >> can you imagine? can you imagine if some christian terrorist group or jewish or hindu group had burned done a mosque or isn't in a suicide bomber and kill 20 within. think about the response to the danish cartoons that depicted in a satirical way mohammed. recently you had in denmark you had various terrorists who attempted to attack the newspaper that did all these years after and they were being indicted for this.
9:37 pm
yes, it is a total double standard. >> sean: they are saying there is religious and ethnic cleansing going on in the muslim world? >> i am saying it is going on across the muslim world. think of the different groups. persecution of the high in iran. if you are, black muslims in the sudan by islamists and arab government there. christians have been forced out of gaza. christians are under attack by al-qaeda and affiliated groups that's who probably did it in egypt, in iraq. churches bombed on a regular basis in pakistan. the kurds, i was in skurd stan they -- i was in skurd stan they are worried there is this cleansing that there nobody left and three dominant ethnic groups turks, persians and arabs and everybody else will be flashed out, killed or cleansed.
9:38 pm
>> sean: this attack, iraq, the philippines, nigeria, pakistan, we have a number of christians that have been given the death penalty for practicing their faith in countries like iran. where is the worldwide condemnation? again a double standard. >> total double standard. you cannot have a christian church in saudi arabia. even in egypt our ally which gets a lot of foreign aid and we are increasing it in 2011, christians cannot build or repair their churches without specific government approval. the christians are supposed to be protected in this season. we believe to be the case from eyewitnesses, the government forces, security forces that were to protect them, left one hour before the bombing. >> sean: you brought up saudi arabia, you can't build a christian church there. looking at this story through the prism of the 9/11 mosque issue, and all right how about building a christian church in mecca? it is almost with disdain and
9:39 pm
charges of anti-muslim bigotry, that i would dare to make such a statement that there ought to be some reciprocity that you can't argue on the one hand we ought to have a ground zero mosque but not a christian church or jewish temple in saudi arabia? >> right. and we are putting no pressure to begin to show tolerance and open up their systems. there is the organization of the islamic conference the most powerful international organization most people have never heard of. based in saudi arabia. 57 members, most of them muslim majority some not even muslim majority. we have an ambassador to the oic that ambassador is not putting on pressure to open up. you should be from the oic now as well as from people like they is terrible what just happened in egypt. instead they are trying to pass the u.n. anti-blast me laws, laws that would --
9:40 pm
anti-blasphemy laws. >> sean: do you think we are headed for a modern day religious war in the mideast? >> the war fought now from iraq to afghanistan to gaza, this is one war and it is a religious war not because we want it to be. because al-qaeda and ahmadinejad and various other radicals say it is a religious war. that's what a jihad means. they say they are waging a jihad against the west, against christians, against screws, against hindus. we have the mumbai attack. until we understand that we can't have a strategy. >> sean: people forget jihad equals holy war. >> exactly so. >> sean: thanks for being with us. as we begin 2011, checking in with greta van susteren. how are you? how was your new year? >> i'm well, happy new year to you. do you know what this is?
9:41 pm
>> your list of stuff coming up. >> greta: posted online by the republicans. this is their new bill cited as repooling the killing health care law act it has now hit the internet. they've filed online. that and more tonight. pam bondi the attorney general in florida. governor elect scott will be here. more trouble in arizona, they are raising hell in o'arizona. happy new year to you. we have a lot to do tonight. >> sean: we'll be watching throughout the year. coming up, let not your heart be troubled beckel and our gate, great, great american panel, straight ahead. you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts.
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>> sean: he is fox news contributor, u.s. a columnist, see i'm starting out -- bob beckel is back. former chairman. virginian republican party current vice president of the obenshain is here. he is chief political correspondent for cbn news, david brody is here. welcome back, good to see you. you look at the sunday shows a little meltdown went on. let's roll the tape.
9:45 pm
on the outside all my life i don't know how you folks go home and look people in the eye and say we've done a great job. [ talking over each other ] >> do you -- now you are one of those folks. it is your job and the majority party to govern. the first thing to let republicans -- republicans did when they took back the house the last time, they throw the government to a shutdown. from what i've heard michelle and you say that's going to happen again. all the you stuff -- talk talk >> you got it wrong. that is not what we are looking to do. you are stating it falsely. we are not looking to shut the government down. >> sean: bob, you know who voted not to raise the debt ceiling because it was irresponsible in 2006? >> barack obama, i knew that that was also a tree vote. -- also a free vote. no congress has done that it
9:46 pm
could be catastrophic, irresponsible and absurd. if they want to -- that would be an -- yes. if we didn't pass a debt ceiling, the entire world's financial markets would go into a tailspin. it means this guy from pennsylvania the new freshman the 62-year-old cadillac dealer. he said i had to make a payroll and do this. that's fine. >> heaven forbid we talk about -- >> there's a difference from a dealership than the united states -- >> there's a similarity and it is a shame the democrats don't understand the importance of free market and business philosophy to govern. for the past two years since this congress has spent like drunken sailors they've increased the debt by 3.2 trillion. now they want to talk about being responsible? >> sean: maybe as a reach across the aisle before
9:47 pm
there's raising of the debt ceiling they get budgetary matters in order. that would be the responsible thing to do? >> sure, remember all of these tea partiers that are coming to washington, they are going to stand on principle. >> i want them to do. >> jim demint wanted new republicans in town this is the first wave. the tea party crowd and a lot being independents are, are watching the tea party votes. >> they said they are going to cut 100 billion dollars that's their stated goal. they are not going to touch medicare, social security or defense. let's see them put it on the table. easy to talk about when you campaign. 100 billion dollars let's see the republicans come up with 100 billion dollars. they don't have the guts to do it and it ain't gonna happen. >> sean: i think these republicans, especially in the house are going to hold true to their principles, evidenced by their cutting back their budgets 5%. you have to of a constitutional application when you propose a bill, which i think is good. proposing spending cuts every
9:48 pm
week for the first 13 weeks. >> and they are reading the constitution on thursday. isn't that fabulous? >> barney frank doesn't like it. >> david is right, this class is coming to washington on principle. they are going to be courageous they have the guts. they are not going back to their constituency, average hardworking americans are tired of seeing our government sacrifice -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we have to move on. there's an investigation, videos coming to light as it relates to a crew of a navy aircraft carrier and the video, you may not want your kids to see. >> why don't you go ahead and hug your service. -- hug your service. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:49 pm
♪ >> sean: what? >> enough with the boys will be boys. we always hear that. the navy ship, the whole thing, whatever, just let it happen. give me a break. >> sean: you want to fire them? >> obviously, a lot of disciplinary action has to go on in this caseü captain owen honors or owen dishonors is more like it. this guy, it is out of control what he did here. >> i think there's a place for sensitivity and these guys have been disciplined, they took down the videos when they happened. these men and women are putting their lives on the line for our country. if they are gonna be raucous, they should stop and they deposit. i'm willing to let a few
9:50 pm
things slide for men and women willing to-die-for me. >> sean: i tend to agree with her. these guys, i don't know what the pressure is like to be in combat and putting your life on the line everyday and being away from your families. it is like a frat house atmosphere at times, at times in what is usually a heavily disciplined arena? you agree i see you smiling. >> it reminded me of the last party i went to when i was drinking. >> oh my god! >> i think -- i take the fifth on this one. >> let me say, these tapes have been out there for two, three years or so. there is another issue, which is exactly when did all of these people know what was going on in terms of the hierarchy? >> they took the videos down. they were disciplined. >> sean: beckel took a pass for the first time on this program. >> for good reason. i have no standing on this
9:51 pm
issue. >> sean: more coming up. hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't getting discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me. yeah, i got carried away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive.
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>> sean: we continue more with our great, great american panel. i see hillary clinton is buddying up to your good friend hugo chavez, holding hands and shaking. i mean it is a very good picture. >> that is what you do when you meet a head of state. >> sean: you mean when you meet a -- [ talking over each other ] >> anything about the obama administration's international policy -- >> sean: there's one thing i like. obama using -- first of all they got rid of the 2011 deadline on afghanistan which was a bad idea. biden sis we are definitely out by 2014. the use of the predator drones
9:55 pm
have been a tremendous success and i give him credit for that. >> good for you, thank you. did you hear that? i want to freeze this moment in time. there you go. >> sean: he's a fall you are -- he's a failure as president but everything else. >> this is an important issue. it comes on the heels of the world apology tour where obama is bowing and scraping before dictators. chavez has called the united states the most murderous regime in the history of the world. again and again this administration has turned a blind eye to oppression all over the world be it iran -- [ talking over each other ] >> chavez is crushing democracy in venezuela. >> sean: look at the relationship he's developing with iran. high ranking iranian officials going to chavez, why?
9:56 pm
>> first of all, this is a good example of like an appeasement powerpoint. you've got this picture and we've had other pictures from obama and other incidents. the bottom line with hillary and chavez is that it shouldn't have happened in the first place. where was the pr handler? why is she getting close to him in that room? >> if you follow foreign policy, you might learn something. chavez is in real trouble in his own country. there is now -- [ talking over each other ] >> the united states has covertly undermined him on a regular basis during the obama administration. >> convertly. then they give him this piece of propaganda to go back so he can continue to crush the free speech in venezuela. do you pay attention to what they are doing in venezuela? cracking down on the free exchange of ideas.
9:57 pm
>> the united states has been helpful to the opposition. i predict chavez will be gone in -- >> to say obama and condone what he's doing in venezuela. >> with all respect most people see that for what it is. >> it is not what obama needs. >> sean: there's been criticism of mat expense of his trip to hawaii and the latest, greatest vacation of the obamas, i support him going on vacation for the entire year. we'll pay for it and we'll be better off. >> that's what george bush did. >> sean: george bush is out of office, get over it. >> he went on vacation for a year. >> sean: christie takes his first vacation. he promised his kids he would take them to disney. had the big snow storm and he said -- >> i know who these mayors are they should buck-up and take responsibility for the fact they didn't do their job,
9:58 pm
that's it. the roads are clear. 95% of the state roads were clear by mid afternoon on tuesday. where is their complaint? >> sean: you know what, this is -- >> this is why conservatives love this guy. he's principled. some will call it arrogant, maybe a few other words, but he's principled because he says, here's the bottom line i wanted to spend it with my family. i could have done in person what i could do on the phone, what's the problem? >> sean: i asked him today, he was on my radio show. i was like you were on dumb bow making calls? he said my kids were on dumb bow while i was making cause. he said i wouldn't be driving the snowplow, i would be on the phone. >> i have more respect for this guy. his wife said don't you even think about going back. you made this promise for our kids. he's a wise man. >> sean: beckel, you are laughing. as a father, if you made a promise to your kids --
9:59 pm
>> i was thinking when i was at disney world, i decked goofy. [ talking over each other ] >> he put his arm around me and hit me in the eye, so i decked him. >> sean: did you get arrested? >> no they asked me to leave the park, which was fine, i didn't want to be there any way. >> sean: did you hit on minnie mouse? >> that's a very personal question. let me say, if christie wants to be there he's right. he's not going to run the plow himself. i think, i don't know what the big deal is. this guy sat in this studio two weeks before the election and he didn't think he was going to win i predicted he would win and he did. >> i don't want to see chris christie on a snowplow. i don't want the visual of that. >> sean: a republican gorn


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